Calvary Chapel’s Steady Slide Into Apostasy

In 1965 Chuck Smith founded what is now known as Calvary Chapel. The 1960’s were a tumultuous time in America. The Vietnam War was at its peak; the Cold War was still raging on; people were on edge following the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and the youth were rebelling. Hippies began protesting the “establishment” and advocating “free love” and experimental drug use. These directionless youth were, perhaps providentially, being primed for someone to lead them.

 Calvary Chapel began with 25 people and has blossomed into a network of 1700 independent Calvary Chapels. Shortly after Smith began his bible study he was introduced to Lonnie Frisbee, who impressed Smith with his charisma. Frisbee was a long-haired, radical hippie and Jesus look-a-like who mentored the likes of Harvest Crusade’s Greg Laurie. Frisbee’s Jesus-like locks, and his connections to the hippie world meant growth for Calvary Chapel. By 1968, Frisbee was a leader within the Calvary Chapel movement, and by 1971 the Jesus Movement was well underway; influencing pop culture to the extent that Elton John made reference to “Jesus freaks” in his song Tiny Dancer. Frisbee and Smith were a dynamic team and arguably two of the most influential players in the Jesus Movement, yet in 1971 they parted ways due to Smith’s reluctance to embrace Frisbee’s enthusiasm for experience-based signs and wonders. Smith was known for being a verse by verse bible teacher, and rightly concluded that an emphasis on experience was dangerous; even coining the term “charismania”. This verse by verse emphasis generally continued throughout the Calvary Chapel movement, however, in recent years especially, there have been many egregious errors.

After Smith’s passing in late 2013, his son in law Brian Broderson took over the Costa Mesa operation (the Mecca of Calvary Chapel’s). Broderson has aligned himself with several emergent heretics, from Nicky Gumbel to Rick Warren. Of course, Broderson isn’t the only Calvary Chapel pastor to head down a dark path. Bob Coy resigned from Calvary Chapel  Ft. Lauderdale after being caught in adultery. Calvary Chapel Kendall’s Pedro Garcia quietly made his church a “Hillsong Family” church, submitting to their heretical network. Not long after, Pedro was removed due to “lifestyle choices”. It’s a sad day when a church that covered up pedophilia for decades removes you. I wonder what he did. Calvary Chapel Golden Spring’s pastor Raul Ries has allowed his degenerate son, Ryan, to not only serve in the church (ah… shameless nepotism), but has left his heretical endorsements unaddressed. Ryan is good friends with and promoter of Brian “Head” Welch, whom “God has led” back into the satanic band Korn, according to him. I thought God did not tempt anyone with evil. Maybe I missed something. Ryan also recently attended the Azusa Now apostasy gathering which included Lou Engle literally kissing the feet of a catholic priest. Ryan’s thoughts on that? ….“beyond epic”. On an “epic” note, I would encourage you to look at the official IRS 990 documents showing Raul Ries’ $500,000.00 per/year salary (not uncommon for mega church pastors). That’s epic… and might I add, thoroughly consistent with the biblical model… isn’t it?

Well, the plot thickens. I used to attend Calvary of Albuquerque, headed by pastor and CEO Skip Heitzig. Skip studied under Chuck Smith, and later came to Albuquerque to start his big business, and boy did he. With an average weekly attendance of 13,000, and friends like Franklin Graham; they have tremendous influence. For 3 years I was heavily involved here early in my christian walk, and was the leader of an apologetics ministry through their college group. Being at the church 3 days a week if not more was regular for me, and I saw first-hand the boyish and nepotistic nature of these guys. Skip had an assistant pastor named Chip. Skip and Chip (sounds like a cartoon); both employed their sons Nate and Jesse to “pastor”. Chip Lusko is also father to fledgling heretic Levi Lusko, who has received the coveted Passion Conference invitation 2 years in a row. Levi has also embraced the Alpha Course’s Nicky Gumbel, Steven Furtick, Carl Lentz, Ed Young Jr., and recently spoke with Joyce Meyer.

I regularly attended a bible study on Wednesday mornings with a man named Sam Garcia. Sam is both a bible study leader and the head of web development for Calvary Albuquerque. I left Calvary Chapel in 2012, but given my association with Sam, thought it fit to warn him of Levi Lusko’s heretical associations, given that Calvary still hosts Levi, and promotes his material. Levi is a good friend to all things Calvary Chapel as well as Greg Laurie and others. Truly hoping Sam would listen, I detailed Levi’s compromise over the last few years and showed that he was in sin by “mere” virtue of his promotion of false teachers. Here is what Calvary Chapel’s bible study “teacher” said to me.

“ judge Levi Lusko as spiritually “dangerous” simply because you deemed Steven Furtick, Carl Lentz, John Piper, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Rick Warren, Louie Giglio, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Brian Houston as dangerous. This simply tells me that you purport yourself to be a Berean but are the furthest thing from it. It is clear to me that you’ve never heard teachings from these people, but judge them as false teachers, prosperity teachers, or spiritually dangerous without ever having heard them.”

He then goes on to say,

“I encourage you to look at the extremely fruitful ministries of Steven Furtick, Carl Lentz, John Piper, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Rick Warren, Louie Giglio, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Brian Houston.”

That’s right, folks; pope lover Rick Warren is a “fruitful” minister, according to Sam. If you had any doubt, this man told me that Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen were “EXTREMELY frutiful” ministers. Joel Osteen? This is the, “fill out your name” part of the test. Even Benny Hinn rebuked Joel Osteen….BENNY HINN; the other false teacher!! Any dunce with a shirt on can tell that Mr. “discover the champion in you” is a fraud. When a false teacher can spot a false teacher better than you, something is severely wrong. I still can’t believe what he wrote. Is this what Calvary Chapel has become? YES.

Skip still allows Rick Warren to be played on their radio station, Connection Radio, with no regard for his ecumenical agenda. On that note, Calvary’s second radio station, Star 88, was home to a weekly show called “Shock Therapy” where hipsters gathered to give advice that they are not qualified to give, as the questions are generally not related to hair gel or skinny jeans. On one such episode (2/4/2016), they began to promote contemplative prayer (@ 26:00min). These men are all employed by Calvary Chapel.

After receiving Sam’s shocking email, I sent an open letter addressed to as many Calvary Albuquerque “pastors” as I could, including their core group, asking if these statements were the held consensus of them and Skip personally. It has been over two months and I have yet to receive a response. This man says that Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, Christine Caine, Beth Moore, etc. are “extremely fruitiful” ministers, and nobody has a response???

Ichabod. Coming soon, to a door near you… the dove has left the building.

P.S. Calvary Chapel is in the midst of a split, as Brian Broderson resigned from the Calvary Chapel Association.

Servus Chrisit

A slave of Christ.

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20 Responses

  1. BOS says:


    Google: OC Weekly on Calvary Chapel, OC Weekly Calvary Chapel and How is Calvary Chapel Doing These Days and read all the articles. I’m not sure where you live but maybe you can get together and help the editor of O.C. Weekly expose this stuff (read his articles and he’s RIGHT). I’M glad you didn’t lie about Lonnie Frisbee like David Sabintino did (have you ever talked to Stan Frisbee Lonnie’s Brother (lives in Costa Mesa, CA 2020 Federal Way?). Perry Huckaba would talk about the lack of Chuck Smith and his role with Lonnie AND how played out (Perry used to help Baptize those in Water at the height of Jesus People Movement)=Lonnie got so THROWN UNDER THE BUS AND GALL OF Chuck Smith Sr., to call him a Samson at his Funeral=DOWNRIGHT EVIL WHEN HE KNEW NOTHING and didn’t correct the situation (meaning Smith Sr., would NOT correct sin, adultery, pedophiles in his church and or abused women or help them; Contact the #2 or #1 guy under C. Smith Sr., that they forced to resign for standing up for an abused wife that said the church/staff going to help her and SMITH sr. NOT; he’s been talking for years; last heard he was at Friends Church in Whittier-“Holly” would know who he is if want to track her down her mother was a famous artist in Whittier, the Pastor of that church should know who she is).
    Did you ever read books James Lloyd wrote on Calvary Chapel and Smith and his Empire. Some article read somewhere the Author thinks that C.C. going to implode and C. Smith Sr., wanted it that way. Look at all the in house fighting, read the O.C. Register and Los Angeles Times Articles over the years. READ:

    tp:// (READ so many articles on this: and worse: Calvary Chapel created a deceptive site and people who were blogging and posting C.C. was threatening to sue all those people who were exposing and commenting=I would call that warlockism. Could write books on the movement. DID YOU READ ALL THE COMMENTS (read all the comments on all the articles regarding Grenier on this site please).

    Deceptive Blog that Calvary Chapel created, to get people to post, then threateneing to sue because they had your url’s (url addresses). TOOK IT PUBLIC TO THE NEWS and David Wilkerson and REPORT CHURCH ABUSE LIST AT THE TIME which would have been during arcata California pedophile his two foster(?) daughters at the time Dino C. so sad. Have you read this: This was posted on a blog and have read many hours of abuses that gets covered up: Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips would write it well in their book and The Marketing of Evil and his other reads: David Kupelian. The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner to name a few. Pagan Christianity (green cover) by Frank Viola depicts it well.

    I greatly appreciate your response to my post. It is so discouraging sometimes that people involved in these groups cannot hear nor can they see. I feel like the Lord has shown me that we are to seek to warn them but, at some point, we have to stop trying.

    2 Thessalonians 2 tells us that they did not love the truth enough to remain in it. They have been given a strong delusion by the Lord Himself.
    While I find this terrifying, I realize that God is God. I want to encourage you by affirming that I know that what you have posted about all of these ministries is the absolute truth. I cannot explain the relief and freedom that I began to get when the Lord began to reveal to me what the enemy was doing in the deep darkness that these people in leadership are moving in.

    People have been conditioned to have a knee-jerk reaction to anything involving a conspiracy. This is nothing short of mind control operating in people as a whole. This has been done because there is indeed a conspiracy afoot and they have brilliantly hidden it.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say a couple of things about the Vineyard and MorningStar. It took a great deal of warfare but finally I was able to discover that both organizations have existing and historical ties to Government Intelligence Agencies. When I talk about spiritual warfare these groups do not play. They do everything that they possibly can think of to make sure that darkness obscures what they are doing. I am not going to go into great detail here but I will say that the Jesus Movement that the Vineyard was large sprung from has strong ties to the CIA. Gerry Boykin has historical ties to Chuck Smith. Gerry Boykin is a Knight of Malta and he was in charge of the Special Operations Delta Teams at Fort Bragg, NC. Delta operators are nothing short of mind controlled killers. They are created by classified technology developed from project MK-Ultra. The book Thanks For the Memories by Brice Taylor is a great book to gain insight into this evil.

    Now Gerry Boykin is curiously very deeply connected to MorningStar. Matt Petersen was Associate Pastor at MorningStar. Now he is Currently Pastor at Winston Salem MorningStar Fellowship. Good old Matt Petersen was or more likely still is a CIA agent. Not kidding.

    A lot of people do not realize the deep ties that the intelligence agencies have to the occult. They would do well to find out. There is a great deal more to mention but I run the risk of losing too much credibility which has probably become tenuous from this post already.

    We are called to be wise as serpents. I have been driven to pursue this mandate personally because my freedom and life has depended on it.
    I highly recommend that folks do some research into the history of the Jesuits and their connection to people like the Rothschilds and Secret Societies all over the world. I promise you it will blow your mind! KW

    I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO POST THIS: I’VE ALWAYS SAID THIS: C.C. was best in the WORD BUT TALKING AND LIVING IT WERE TWO DIFFERENT ITEMS. By the way, look at the young man that killed his entire family in New Mexico in Calvary Chapel movment; that made The Daily Beast. What was amiss there that no one picked up and so addicted to church that they can’t see these warning signs where killed entire family. talk about a VERY dysfunctional church community like so many. So busy doing church works/ministry that don’t even know the condition of your own kids=amazing.
    When read: Susan Forward, Herb Goldberg, Dr. Laura, David Elkind and Victoria Secunda Books and the so many unhealthy people; where is the church in all this.
    By the way the news articles aren’t wrong they could be sued for libel, slander and deformation of character.
    Did you read: “How Benny Hinn became our wacky neighbor” by john bloom. david wilkerson has B. Hinn apostasy and those items will take you to so many others and that he even says he’s giving money to the Vatican (what you said about Lou Engle=never liked that whole movement).
    My favorite Writers: are Leonard Ravenhill=brutal prophet (that went home to Glory) “Why Revival Tarries, America is Too Young to Die, Tried and Transfigured, Sodom had No Bible etc., and Apostolic Foundations/Reality, the Hope of Glory, Prophetic Call, True Fellowship etc. by Art (Aaron) Katz!
    VERY SAD WHAT THE CHURCH HAS BECOME AND THE CONDITION so many false shepherds, wolves, hirelings, snake oil salesmen, charlatans sold out for $ and # (bragging about how many sheep/people that are SO UNHEALTHY).
    Google: Scandal, People’s Negative Feedback, Abused by, Controversial Articles Calvary Chapel and or any pastor (that would apply to anyone) and do the reads. By the way in so-called church leaders in Christendom knew all this and more obviously part of the rat pack that he talks about in Battle Hymn because nothing done to date in way of correction and or accountability. You should hear the stories of the many calvary chapel victims it’s so sad.

    Beginning of Sorrows: appropriately named! going on for long time. My ? to God is how long are you going to let them prostitute and whore your name because he doesn’t get any money and their lack of helping homeless, fatherless, widow, orphan, poor, single parents and their children etc.

  2. BOS says:

    P.S. Hillsong has an HORRIFIC over 30-40 year Pedophile Cover-up by Brian Houston son of Frank Houston ( has post).

  3. BOS says:

    By the way: Church Correction List Knew this at the time: Greg Laurie stood a women up and called her a “donkey’s ass” for wanting to leave her husband who was molesting the children. Mary Vega/Perez. Personally, no one should have stayed, they all should have left because that could be advice given to them. Knew people who went to talk to him, to correct him; refused to see. So, when glanced at his book of his life, he who grew up dysfunctional (mother lot’s of marriages) does nothing like C. Smith Sr. to lift/bear the burden and then praying for people to die that correct their ministry (ask Steve ? would have to track him down in Riverside, CA)=son ended up decapitated in that car accident=indicative of praying for people to die. (also happened to don long and S.B., got up to preach and dropped dead=people were correcting them and a pastor knew that they were praying for people to die=different movement). by the way, jan/paul crouch common knowledge that they were asking their employees to die that came against their ministry. “Losing My Religion” by Wm Lobdell. Church correction list knew all this: Handbook of Denomination and List is on under search box: John Paul Jackson under Tammy’s Lament. Grew up in a different movement won’t consider either of them churches; we do not know what a true looks like (do now) but consider them no different than mormon cults in building their pyramid scheme. God doesn’t get any money; nor the people help when they need it. From one who has networked poor, homeless, widows, single parents for over 30 years and getting no help from any big name ministry/denomination. THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING GIVE OUT OF THEIR NOTHING.

  4. BOS says:

    CORRECTION: JAN/PAUL CROUCH sr., we’re having employees pray that people die that came up against and corrected their ministry. George Barna talked about that in his book “Frog in the Kettle” and David Wilkerson posted Paul damning people to hell that came against their ministry. Also, Crouches were taking and bragging and boasting that four of five lawyers died that came against their ministry (yet they stole manuscript from sylvia F.(?) made l.a. times and made it into a mega blockbuster movie. very sad read and they called themselves christian, christian what? warlocks/witches? again, media/church correction list knew this.

  5. BOS says:

    Reason why “they remove them quietly” is because they don’t want the tithe to go missing and or the # of congregants that brings in the tithe (sweep under carpet and hopefully it will all go away). I don’t like my tithe money going to molest, rape, sodomize and murder children (we are ALL God’s children no matter what age)! Amazing, the people (us stupid brainwashed people) still tithe, attend and throw our hard earned money at and for the most part the leadership doesn’t care whether we live or die and or have food on the table; so long as we keep them in their corrupt lavish lifestyle. Just google all the false ministries and see how they live. SO SAD!

    These false churches, leaders, big named ministries are robbing the $ that really should go to Orphans, Homeless, Fatherless, Widow, Alien what’s talked about in Matthew 25:31-end; Luke 14:all, Isaiah 10:all. How and why we do not question what they own, worth and where the money goes and who they help (lies of that) is beyond me! Worse, NOT to investigate who founded the Regime, Cult their History and or Foundations; that your tithing and attending and NOT researching to the unth degree where the money is going=absolutely amazing. Not to mention all that’s been exposed by Trinity Foundation in Dallas, TX, “Thieves by Trey Smith; Losing My Religion by William Lobdell, The Fleecing of Christianity by Jackie Alnor; Ungodly Fear by Stephen Parsons, Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola, Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles (2nd Book also), Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson/Van Vonderan and NOT reading and applying the Bible.

    I could have sat in the two cults grew up in: Foursquare and Assassins of their God=AoG’s and they would have NEVER gone through the Bible completely once from birth to death and the people love to have it so. “Exploiting the Need to Belong” by Stephen Parson’s and (“Coming Out Alive”). Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn so many great writes exposing and U-Tube Video’s exposing corruption on big names and why aren’t people heeding?

  6. BOS says:

    Case in point, sheep with rose-colored glasses on want to believe the best of their leadership and want to defend the lie without researching a matter and you want to believe the best of your Pastor/Leaders and NOT think they could be Warlocks/Witches and or in Sin! Why aren’t they researching a matter and demand TRUTH and accountability?

  7. BOS says: (WHAT DO YOU THINK)? This is the Classic Good Old Boy Network, sweep sin under the carpet, time and time again; throw victim(s) under the bus keep bank rolling corruption all the build an empire. James Lloyd wrote it well.

    Just a number of articles; what does Orange County Register have and or O.C. Weekly?

  8. bighossbigcross says:

    A fascinating article. Churches continually maneuver for the trifecta of power, fame, and fortune. Call them out on it and they show you the door.

  9. Sounds to me like you have done good work but, you’ve gotten too busy listing the sins of others, and probably spent way too much time on this. The devil is pretty slick all right, and I believe you are speaking the truth, but he’s got you spending hours thinking about his crap, and you’ve not been thinking about Jesus. I get it. I’ve been there too. I never did ‘get’ churches, and how they operate. It has never worked for me. I like very small fellowships held in homes, where people worship Jesus, and each person brings special ministry to the group. Each member of Christ’s body comes to contribute. Each is honoured because it is the Spirit of God teaching encouraging and blessing through each other. It’s awesome. Big churches are not for me, and I no longer feel guilty about not belonging to one. Satan himself has entered in to those outfits. I say kepp it small, keep it tight, and study the Church in the Book of Acts to know how it should look. Power trips are not permitted. We are all equal, men and women. God Bless. Close the book on all this crap, and focus on Jesus. You will have peace. Pray for those who are deceived but do not make it your life. Love 2 u. By the way, I enjoy this web site, many many good articles. Good work! Especially your video on church deception. Keep up the good work!

  10. Paul says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I understand your frustration, but I just want everyone to understand that while some Calvary Chapel’s have gone with Brian Broderson and the Emergent Church Movement, most have stayed with the Calvary Chapel Association and the uncompromised Word of God. Don’t associate all Calvary Chapel’s with this heresy. thanks and God Bless

    • Joshua says:

      Skip Heitzig is one of the 13 on the board of directors of the CCA. He is deceiving and being deceived. He invited Jesus Culture to lead worship at Calvary ABQ not a month ago. He is close personal friends of Levi Lusko, a blooming heretic and friend of every wind of doctrine. Unfortunately as Spurgeon said, “no protest can equal that of distinct separation.” Calvary as a name alone is tainted. They all operate by the “Distinctives” This is a business strategy, not biblical conformity. Calvary ABQ, for example, spends $6.25 MILLION per year on salaries and benefits alone (48%) of total expenditures… ONLY 6% goes to missions and outreach. This is par for the course for the entire movement. Not pleasant to digest, but necessary. Get out while you can.
      God bless.

  11. william stephens says:

    i appreciate your information. i sometimes attend the wed. night bible study at Calvary Alb. -i greatly enjoy Skip’s bible exposition. however, i’ve wanted to find out about the church’s stance on the Calvary split. i moved to alb. in 2004 and missed the Pete Nelson controversy. i’d heard some negative comments about Skip with regard to money. i’ve also wondered why Rick Warren is on kNKT. Thanks for the information.

    • Joshua says:

      Not only is Rick Warren (friend of the Pope) on KNKT, but Levi Lusko is a family friend to Calvary and regularly speaks there. As you may know by now, Jesus Culture was recently there leading worship the same weekend Ryan Ries was there promoting his “tour”. Calvary spends 48% of their expenditures on salaries and benefits while only 6% goes to missions and outreach. Sam Garcia, who is head of their web team, and a bible study leader as well, told me through email, that Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Brian Houston, Steven Furtick, etc were “faithful ministers of God.” It seems the compromise of Calvary knows no bounds…. GET OUT! It is only getting worse… The leadership is corrupt.

  12. Robert Dale says:

    Thanks brother keep sounding the alarm love in Jesus who is the Christ .

    • Joshua says:

      Thank you for the encouragement. The page has been down for a few months. By God’s grace we are back at it.

      • Carri says:

        You probably had a mental break down as evidenced by your raving and over the top excessive article. Dude, you are crazy. No one should listen to your extreme lines of reasoning and false conclusions. PEOPLE….THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND DON’T BELIEVE EVERY ONLINE DISCERNMENT MINISTRY. Anyone can be behind these so called ministries and appear knowledgeable yet are NOT. Yes, there are false teachers out there. But I think Satan is dividing us, the real Christians from each other by these O.D.M’s spreading false information and feeling so important. Be good Bereans and don’t take what this website and others say, as truth.

        • Joshua says:

          What “over the top excessive article” are you referring to? And what exactly did you find to be problematic with it?
          You made a comment about “election” on facebook; I cordially replied with well over a dozen scriptures. You have referenced none. What exactly did I say that you take umbrage with to the extent that you childishly say I “probably had a mental break down?”
          You talk about Bereans, but you have not referenced the Bible ONCE… Hypocrite, much?

  13. Anne says:

    Thank you for sounding an alarm. The CC movement is worse than I thought, and we attend a Calvary church in the Denver area. Things have been eye-opening here, too. I will share more when I have the opportunity.

    • Joshua says:

      It grows worse by the day. Calvary ABQ just had Jesus Culture leading worship a few weeks back. They are officially part of the “Hillsong Network” now. Very corrupt

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