Is The Altar Call Biblical Evangelism?

If you have spent any amount of time in nearly any church you have likely seen an altar call. You might have “come forward” during an altar call yourself, or perhaps you invite others to do so on a weekly basis. The pervasive mindset in American Christianity is to regard tradition as the standard to the exclusion of Scripture. Error comes by degree and may be well intentioned, but that does not justify the action. The Question is this: Is the altar call a form of biblical evangelism? In this video we seek to answer that question.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Beginning of Sorrows

  2. Midnite Cat says:

    Thank you Joshua for these wonderful videos. I will be forwarding them to many others who attend various churches and believe themselves to be ‘Christians’, but who in most cases are not yet born-again. My husband and I have not attended a ‘church’ for some time now, and have, instead, been meeting with other like-minded born again Christians. We just moved to a new senior community and God is leading us to other couples here (divine appointments for sure) and we are just beginning to set up a ‘gathering’ with them so that we ((all born again) can meet regularly and worship together in our homes. People these days are so busy that it’s hard to even find a once-a-week day/time that is open for everyone, but we are trusting that God will make it happen.
    We will be showing your videos to this group to encourage them to follow these Biblical directives. You say it SOOOOO well – no way we could improve on it. So thanks again. We have been searching for someone or something like this and God has now answered our prayer. Since most ‘Christians’ attend a church/building/business, they think we are way out in left field with our ideas, but now we have a tool to use that isn’t coming from just us. We will keep you posted as to how this goes . . . just waiting for the winter visitors to return . . . this community is pretty well deserted right now, but a few of us will be gathering to get things rolling. Keep up God’s work! You are so right on ! ! ! God Bless You!

    • Joshua says:

      Midnite Cat,
      Thank you for the encouragement. It is such a blessing to know that you have been edified by this content in some form. Praise God. The page has been silent for a few months, but by God’s grace, we are back at it. I am working on a jaw-dropping video highlighting apostasy in the evangelical world at large. Please stay tuned. Seek true believers; relish the fellowship when you find it, and NEVER compromise the truth… buy the truth and sell it not.
      God Bless you!

  3. Midnite Cat says:

    PS You may be wondering why we don’t just meet on Sundays. We now know that the Biblical Sabbath is SATURDAY, and we are hoping to work out a time on Saturdays, but it conflicts with so many ‘park’ activities and several people’s work schedules. Pray for us that God will open up the doors for us to get this started. We will be praying that many many more people will find your ministry here.

  4. Christine Withrow says:

    Thank you for your TRUTH!!! Many people say the church is a hospital for sinners. I don’t know what to do because my church has alter calls and speak in tongues without interpreters. Please, what should I do??? Should I leave my church?

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